Members: Vladimir Manuylov (aka Qwasar/Trinity)

Location: Krasnodar, Russia

Style: New-Age, Space, Ambient, Downtempo, Traditional electronic, Berlin School, Kraut-rock, Ethnic, Soundtracks, Fusion, J-Pop, Chiptune, Techno, Trance, House. 

Equipment and program: PC, FL Studio 7-10, Steinberg`s Cubase 4/5 DAWs.
Master keyboard Behringer UMX610 with a lot of software synthesizers from NI,
KORG, Arturia, LinPlug, RGC Audio, ReFx, Admiral Quality and other; collection
of great commercial-free VSTi such as Synth 1 by I.Toda, GTG Synths by M.Sybrandt, 
Magical 8bit Plug by YMCK Yokemura and other. Recorded, mixed and mastered at home studio in Krasnodar by V.Manuylov with Infrasonic Quartet
sound card, Steinberg`s Cubase 5, WaveLab 5 and Adobe Audition CS5. Sound control:
Yamaha MSP7 Studio monitors, Genius cheap office speakers; Sennheiser HD598/CX200
and Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones, Iriver S100 player.

Site: http://www.last.fm/music/M.V.O.Project, https://soundcloud.com/qwasar-trinity, https://www.reverbnation.com/mvoproject, http://www.realmusic.ru/mvo_project/

Side projects: none


More about...
M.V.O.PROJECT - Russian project of electronic and instrumental music from ambient to new-age, from poprock to jazz, from technotrance to ethnic, romantic and spacemeditation.

The M.V.O.Project was founded at the end of autumn 2004.

It`s only one member - Qwasar/Trinity - Vladimir Manuylov, composer and producer from Krasnodar, Russia.

Music of "M.V.O.Project" Influenced by such great composers/bands as:
  1. Pink Floyd, Genesis, Eloy, Pendragon, Gerard and other art- and progressive rock music.
  2. Different ethnic and traditional music from Japan, China, India, Egypt and etc.
  3. OSTs and BGM from an old computer games, classic songs from anime, J-Pop/J-Rock 70-90-00`s.


OTR100OTR100 The Stars For You
traditional electronic, space, ambient, kraut-rock, synpop
OTR109OTR109 Micro World OST
electronic, ambient, soundtrack


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