DJ-SWED : Bulankin Dmitry - he is DJ-SWED. Was born and has grown in city of the brides - Ivanovo (Russian Federation). Had started the solo biography from training at school of dj's and musicians at NC " Taganka ". Was trained and worked with the best dj's of city of Ivanovo, as Dj Dima Sever, Dj Ivan Vint, Dj New. Since 2006 year he played in such night clubs, as : NC " Taganka ", Cyber Club, Dj Cafe " Gallery ", Cafe " 7 Evenings ", NC " Solaris ", Cafe " El' ", pub " Degree of Freedom ", Art cafe " PLACE ", Dj Cafe " RUS " (Nizhni Novgorod),"Second Flor"(Yaroslavl'), including on private parties and numerous open-air parties. His promo mixes sounded in many radio-shows, such as " Light Style "," Future Sound " (RadioMost 107,1 fm), " MB DANCE Radio " (Moscow) and others. Has recommended himself as qualitative, competent and interesting with all points of view. " I am hereditary DJ, because my father played music on cassets in parks and evening clubs, and also collected plates." He is talented, progressive, emotional & he loves music. He likes to please people with music... To please to their tastes and preferences. He Loves House music, both deep house, and disco house.....At this moment he works as the composer in styles deep, minimal and electro house. The same as the organizer of private parties, he works with any clients and their preferences for quite reasonable fees. He is quite loyal, kind and self-critical... The basic styles are Deep House, Disco House, Electro, Electrohouse/Electroclash, House, Electo-Tech. In construction and strengthening creative "I", in work above the character and music of dj took part: Dj Dima Sever (Republica, Cafe 1), Ivan Vint (NC Taganka), Dj Artyom Tortov (FMG), Dj Pest (Nautilus), DJ New (Zona Club), Bagel (Sphere), Micanec (Crew), Ilya Echo (lable " quadrohouse "), Insphere, Serge Sky, Dj Animax (NC Solaris), DJ Shashay (Dj cafe " Rafinad ",, Dogma, and promo group Essential control. His motto and the motto any dj is considered the statement of the great musician: : " TO LOVE MUSIC - FIRST OF ALL IT IS NECESSARY TO LISTEN IT". If you are not the students, it means that you are the spectators. With sincerity, fidelity and love, both to one, and to anothers - DJ-SWED. The invitation of the actor: through the contact information. Payment and conditions of the game: at the order. At the given moment consists in FMG promo group.


SNXR002SNXR002 Funny Trip
tech house, electro


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