10 June 2016

OTR106 Shadow Speaker - Deadface

Release: Shadow Speaker - Deadface

Style: electronic, noise

5 tracks album from our friend Shadow Speaker from Rostov-on-Don, Russia

16 April 2016

[OTR105] Vimanika - Abyss Fractal

Release: Vimanika - Abyss Fractal

Style: post rock, ambient, electronic

7 tracks album from our new friend Alexander Chernenko aka Vimanika from Russia, Khabarovsk.

This is the second release of post-rock at Otium.

30 March 2016

qodobop - The Dark Sea Of Awareness

Release: qodobop - The Dark Sea Of Awareness

Style: ambient, experimental

2 very long tracks album (over 3 hours) from our productive friend Venko Chemishanov aka qodobop from Hissar, Bulgaria.

Lossless release.

23 November 2015

[OTR103] Stereo Modus - Restitutio In Integrum

Release: Stereo Modus - Restitutio In Integrum

Style: electronic, ambient, idm

5 tracks album from our new friend Alexander Gorbatch aka Stereo Modus from Novosibirsk, Russia.

17 October 2015

[OTR102] qodobop - Corophy Nangioc

Release: qodobop - Corophy Nangioc

Style: dark ambient, experimental

7 tracks album from our old friend qodobop aka Venko Chemishanov from Hisarya, Bulgaria.

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