[OTR047] Psychedelic Rain - Brutal Hitman EP

Date: 2008-08-05
Style: idm, glitch, downtempo

Brutal Hitman EP


  1. Psychedelic Rain - Preparation (03:15) [~07.82 Mb]
  2. Psychedelic Rain - Brutal hitman (08:48) [~21.13 Mb]
  3. Psychedelic Rain - Autumn twilight (05:14) [~12.60 Mb]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~41.35 Mb]


A genetically-engineered assassin created from the recombinant ORG of five of the world's most dangerous criminals. The fact that the ORG came from multiple ethnicities allows to blend in to a certain degree in most places in the world, or at least not look immediately suspicious and out-of-place.. He is a tall, bald, blue-eyed, no-nonsense individual and usually wears a suit with black leather gloves and a red tie. Engineered from conception to be the perfect killer, strength, speed, and intellect are above the human norm.  

This release - an atmosphere of history of one of works of hitman...

Sometimes I think, that in the last life I was hitman.


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