[OTR088] Udarniy zeH - Labor Under The Factory Of The Toys

Date: 2013-09-12
Style: drone ambient, dark ambient

Labor Under The Factory Of The Toys

  1. Udarniy Zeh - Port Of Dispatch Of Finished Articles (03:27) [~10.84 Mb]
  2. Udarniy Zeh - Low Bel lFrom Your Sleep (04:18) [~13.61 Mb]
  3. Udarniy Zeh - Distributor Of Mechanical Forces (02:59) [~07.23 Mb]
  4. Udarniy Zeh - Mehanical Dog (03:31) [~13.03 Mb]
  5. Udarniy Zeh - Information Bay (04:16) [~15.10 Mb]
  6. Udarniy Zeh - Drag More Rapidly (07:33) [~24.08 Mb]
  7. Udarniy Zeh - Night Shift In Toys Factory (05:49) [~27.36 Mb]

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Lossless release!

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Fullsize cover


Wandering on the strings between the space ports and underground toys factory


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