Passive Defence

Passive Defence

Members: Jochen Dworeck

Location: Frankfurt/Langen, Germany

Style: Dark and moody music, chaotic approach

Equipment and programm: PC, cubase, guitar, bass, catgut

Side projects: AL/JO

Idee fixe: That everyone?s happy =)

Though he didn't learn playing a musical instrument, Jochen has been interested in music since he began thinking. Born in 1974 he made his first musical experiences in a band with some schoolmates when he was 18. Spontaneously he just grabbed the mic and let emotions flow - this was what everybody was doing in this formation. 'This instinctive and sometimes even chaotic proceeding is till reflected in today's productions' he says. After two years the band split up and besides Jochen there were two people remaining who wanted to take the next steps in music production. Affected by bands like 'Nine Inch Nails', 'Ministry' and the legendary 'Einstürzende Neubauten' from Germany they began to deal with samples and sequencers.

Some time passed and Jochen bought his first personal computer, an Atari, with which he made his first tries in production: 'It was very hard to get the sound the way I wanted it to be because the possibilities were very limited and the sounds were very poor'. Things changed with Cubase in 2002 and due to the ability of recording audiotracks he got back to guitars and basses which he uses now and then.

Besides the fact that all acoustic samples he uses are recorded by himself, he also gets even more on experimental plains like using field recordings or tweaking very strange sounds: 'My music is more intended to be listened than to be danced to'. When producing music the most important factor for him is atmosphere and mood. Most of his works are soloproductions, but nevertheless he also likes cooperations because they bear new and fresh ideas.

For him music is a diary to write down his very personal experiences and sentiments.


OTR011OTR011 Remote
minimal, ambient
OTR022OTR022 Regret
experimental, soundscape

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