Bastian Albrecht

Bastian Albrecht

Members: Alexandr Albrecht

Location: Moscow

Style: Minimal Electronica, Lounge, Minimal Techno, IDM

Equipment and program: FL Studio, Sound Forge, Cubase

Musical preference: Bjork, Jan Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier, 9 Lazy 9, Moby, Up Bustle And Out, Enigma


Alexander Albrecht has become interested in experimental electronic
music at the beginning of 21 centuries. In 2002 at the age of 14 years
he has got acquainted for the first time with the program for a music
writing, and has lost rest and a dream, he would like to write music
unusual, music of deeply sounding and bright mood. For creativity it
scooped inspiration in products of such musicians as Jan Michel Jarre,
Moby. Since 2006 Alexander starts to take a great interest in club music
which did not interest earlier at all it. It opens for itself(himself)
such styles as Minimal techno, Deep Techno, Tech House. It radically
changes a direction of its music. For itself(himself) he has decided to
go by the way of the selector, to cross various styles in one hybrid, to
mix beauty Lounge with depth of Minimal of Electronics seasoning all it
is synthetics IDM. In 2008 Alexander thinks out a pseudonym "Bastian
Albrecht" and throws out the first works in a world wide web, regularly
creating the new. Its tracks do not remain without attention, in them
are interested both usual listeners and labels and professional DJ's. At
present Alexander enters in TOP 100 best musicians of Russia under the
version of users of the largest musical portal, co-operates
with a number of Internet radio stations. For assistance and support in
publishing house of the first release Alexander благодароит:
administration of label Sonux, the parents and the favourite wife and as
Loose End, Vito Saratto, Dj Igor Voith, Dj CH.RY, MSR5 and all those to
a clod its music is not indifferent.


SNXR004SNXR004 Parent Belly
minimal electronica, idm

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