Efficient Refineries

Efficient Refineries

EFFICIENT REFINERIES founded in 1995 by Miguel A. Ruiz from Spain and Siegmar Fricke from Germany (both active in the electronic sector since the 80's) is the clear audio-definition of pharmacoustic experimentalism. After the two CD-releases NITIDEATH (on SIMPLE LOGIC | Poland ) and EPINERVIO (on MENSTRUALRECORDINGS | Italy) Efficient Refineries have finished their newest work KRONOTROP exclusively for the prolific Russian netlabel OTIUM. KRONOTROP features pieces that have been recorded between 1995 and 1998 in the Efficient Refineries-studios in Madrid and Germany; digitally edited and compiled by Miguel. The album contains tracks of high abstraction, ranging from industrial sound-pollutions to sophisticated electronics and experimental acid-structures. KRONOTROP reflects the present era of industrial desolation and is another step forward in the progressive sound-constructions and powerful industronics by two electro-fetishists from Europe. EFFICIENT REFINERIES work with a wide range of vintage analogue equipment like CRUMAR BIT ONE, SOLTON PROGRAMMER, MINI MOOG, old rhythm-boxes, sampling and computer-plug-ins.

Contact: www.myspace.com/efficientrefineries


SNXR001SNXR001 Kronotrop
abstract techno, industrial, minimal

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