Members: Michail Sedov

Location: Ulan-Ude, Russia

Style: deep, minimal, micro

Equipment and program: Ableton live, FL Studio, Audition

Musical preference: Labels: unfoundsound, minus, fragmentmusic, phonocult, etc.

Site: http://okcug.promodj.ru/


Okcug (Mihail Sedov). Was born and has grown in Russia in a city of Ulan-Ude.

Interest to music was showed since the childhood, listened much kraftwerk, with the years has passed to a house and a techno, that further and was reflected in my interest to a techno to music.

At the age of 15 years has felt, that very much I wish to write the music, ideas and flied from a head, but all remains at the same level of listening of disks and cartridges since was not the equipment.

In 17 years for the first time has risen for revolving objects, approximately at the same time there is a possibility to write the sound, there was a computer and the software. Has started to write at once much, but to achieve a qualitative and good sound it has appeared not so simply as to itself represented, therefore much was crossed out on a root.

As a result in 2007 has written a composition "time stopping" and has signed the contract on sale of the music. There was a first release on Omsk the Internet label Melody-Z, under own name, instead of under a pseudonym. In a consequence some more releases, but already on freenet labels have followed. At present I am the resident elctronica netlable.


OTR038OTR038 Morning EP
minimal, deep techno
OTR044OTR044 Dex EP
minimal, deep techno

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