Members: Denis Borisov & Michael Gurov (a.k.a Braincrasher)

Location: Ulianovsk, Russia

Style: Ambient, Experimental, Lo-Fi

Oktave is a side-project of Denis Borisov a.k.a. Microfluid, working in more experimental and non-standard electronic music style such as Clicks & Cuts, Microwave, Glitch & Ambient. Oktave is, at first, a Free audio project, supporting an ideology of Internet labels and independent artists.

 Site: http://microfluid.all.dj/ , http://braincrasher.all.dj/

The motto of this project is:
'I'm just helping people to understand that money is one thing, but soul is another.' © Soul Mekanik


OTR045OTR045 Die Buffetmusik
clicks & cuts, microwave, glitch

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