Psychedelic Rain

Psychedelic Rain

Members: Shapovalov Alexey Anatol'evich

Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Style: idm, glitch, ambient, downtempo

Programs: FL Studio + Sound Forge + Adobe Audition + Reaktor & analog, supplementing programs.

Equipment: Phones - sennheiser HD 25 SP, External sound card - TAPCO Link.usb, MIDI keyboard - BEHRINGER UMX49, Columns - microlab SOLO3 MK3, hands, head & tobacco smoke...

Musical preference: IDM, dnb, 8bit, Psychedelic, Dub-step, Psy Chill, Trip-Hop, Glitch, Acoustic, Orchestral, Breakcore, Avantgarde, Abstract, Clicks&Cuts, Ambient, Dark Ambient & Illbient...

Has seriously started to be engaged in music from the beginning of 2007. Up to that it there were only entertainments, like designers e-Jay... Now I see in this employment all life, sense of life and hope, the ticket from fetters of system... Daily visiting of open space of programs for creativity, for a long time have already turned to norm. Development, opening, pleasure - is all of that costs...

30 April 2008 - Release #08 on netlabel, under a pseudonym "Mutation of primate". LP: "Mutation of consciousness".

22 June 2008 - Release #26 on netlabel, under a pseudonym "Mutation of primate". LP: "Pastime of idler".


OTR047OTR047 Brutal Hitman EP
idm, glitch, downtempo

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