Members: Dimitar Dimceski - Drums

Location: Skopje, Macedonia

Style: Chill Out, Lounge

Equipment and program: Cubase SX with a lot of VST instruments, M-Audio keyboard,electric guitar, bass guitar and Vocals, recorded live.

Originally from Skopje (Macedonia), Dimitar Dimceski aka Dikital, is an inspired and motivated artist that both runs his own projects and a varity of collaborations with other musicians. So far, Dikital has realized three album/releases with the rock band "Nikeja", and an "Unplugged" DVD release, which has been recorded and captured by the "Macedonian National Radio Television". Dikital took part in a compilation CD, which was published by the "Art Republika" magazine.He also released his first solo EP" called "Dikital - Search" which is amazing cinematic ambient release.Dimitar Dimceski is a professional drummer and percussionist, being involved in the studio activity for the last ten years by producing music, recording lives, and working as an audio engineer.


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chillout, lounge

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