Members: IX

Location: Tehran, Iran

Style: Ambient, Experimental

Equipment and program: PC, FL-Studio.8, Reason.4, M-AUDIO_Axiom 61_midi keyboard, Roland V-synth GT, Edirol MA-15DBK monitoring, Yamaha promix 02rV2, Sound Forge,

Musical preference: The Arts an Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations

Side projects: ( Spuntic, Inner Place, Monolith Cycle, Altitude-X )

Site: , ,

Short Bio
Alphaxone is an Iranian project that focus on Ambient, Experimental sounds.
Alphaxone“ is the first music project of IX which has founded in the year 2009,
After, IX’s work to projects an (Spuntic, Inner Place, Monolith Cycle, Altitude-X ).


OTR072OTR072 Exploration
ambient, experimental
OTR078OTR078 Azimuth EP
drone, ambient, experimental

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