Udarniy zeH

Udarniy zeH

Members: Vitaly Doronin

Location: Russia, Nord Moscow

Style: ambient, drone ambient, dark ambient, industrial

Equipment and program: Roland JP-8080, Roland SH-32, DSI evolver, Jomox T-resonator, Korg ESX1, Korg Drum Wave, Korg KP3, Electroguitar Hamer, Soft Cockos-Reaper4, VSTi, MacBoock pro 2010, iPad mini …

Musical preference: dark ambient, industrial, experimental, art rock, organe music of the Medieval Renaissance

Site: http://www.doroninart.com/ http://www.doroninart.com/#!udarniyzeh/c758 http://www.doroninart.com/#!--1/cqfr

Udarniy zeH Project was created in 1999 by musician and artist watercolorist Vitaliy Doronin. Music in the style EBM industrial. But it is recently more frequent in drone ambient style.


OTR088OTR088 Labor Under The Factory Of The Toys
drone ambient, dark ambient
OTR089OTR089 Cloning Mechanism
drone ambient, dark ambient
OTR115OTR115 Post-game colony

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