[OTR007] AL/JO - AL/JO

Date: 2005-06-06
Style: ambient, idm, minimal



  1. AL/JO - Moscow Magnetic (Feat. AL) (08:48) [~12.67Mb]
  2. AL/JO - Northernchord (Feat. JO) (05:57) [~8.57Mb]
  3. AL/JO - Cactus (Feat. AL) (07:35) [~10.94Mb]
  4. AL/JO - Imponderability (Feat. JO) (06:50) [~9.84Mb]

Download full album in ZIP archive [~39.7Mb]

Quality and level of arrangement music of this collective can be compared with creativity of Jan Jelinek.

The soft and warm atmosphere of sounding richly reduced by loops, ambient background with uncharacteristic rhythmical beat - all this at once will find the response at fans of qualitative music.

However it doesn't mean, that the release has a standard sound. Each track adjusts consciousness on the special waves, which aren't similar with each other. Recommend to listening.


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