[OTR060] elAstrum - FM Archive

Date: 2010-09-16
Style: electronic

FM Archive


  1. elAstrum - Intro (02:21) [~8.70 Mb]
  2. elAstrum - Emerald Sity (03:19) [~20.52 Mb]
  3. elAstrum - Pyramids (05:00) [~22.77 Mb]
  4. elAstrum - Examination (05:10) [~29.37 Mb]
  5. elAstrum - New Kyoto (04:02) [~21.32 Mb]
  6. elAstrum - Saltarello (02:20) [~16.62 Mb]
  7. elAstrum - Hypnotic (07:26) [~46.74 Mb]
  8. elAstrum - Passenger (04:32) [~25.13 Mb]
  9. elAstrum - Interlude (01:53) [~08.66 Mb]
  10. elAstrum - KPL (04:52) [~28.99 Mb]
  11. elAstrum - Stupid Sheep (02:54) [~14.88 Mb]
  12. elAstrum - 12.IV (08:22) [~40.53 Mb]

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Lossless release!


Vladimir Burich - "Examination" (Questioning)

- Where did you take your bodies?
- We found them in the water

- What are you at here?
- We lay seed mines

- What do you hide in the mouth?
- We hide our words in the mouth

- When are you going to leave?
- Underground fleet are waiting for us

Passenger (Rider' song)

I am a lowly rider in the life Ferry
Involuntary victim of dead tourism
The travel offer to the final point
The sheet anchor of happiness to avoid the rebellion , were fobbed off
On the way

Oncoming see beats against the ferry board
We go off course and see is laughing at us
Mighty fingers grip tightly the steering wheel
We go into the battle with horizon and it retreats again
Into the distance

Who invented all this?
Who needs all this?
But life is only the spark from the blind stick...

(Inspired by the udeterons of Vladimr Bunich)

translation by Sergey Pershikov


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