[OTR076] Xodie - Trip Of The First Essence EP

Date: 2012-03-17
Style: idm, ambient, trip-hop

Trip Of The First Essence EP


  1. Xodie - Alluring place from my dream (05:35) [~13.42 Mb]
  2. Xodie - August exalation (05:29) [~13.18 Mb]
  3. Xodie - Early morning blister (04:50) [~11.62 Mb]
  4. Xodie - Omni in sede ac loco (04:10) [~10.02 Mb]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~39.72 Mb]

Backside cover
Backside cover 


The album has been collected in the end of 2011. I chose 4 of the most expressing my creativity compositions. Each track isn't similar on the others by mood.

Style is non-uniform, but most likely, I would carry it to genre IDM. This EP is some kind of the small collection of the various musical vibrations generated by me. Each track is separate history, it is written at various times and bears itself experience.

Beginning from calmness and easy melancholy, finishing dynamics and passion.
These compositions were created during the period with 2010 on 2011.

Also they are connected with the most various events of my life. But they are united by one: the consciousness of eternity wich is inexpressible words.

Music allows us to feel it more deeply!



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