[OTR009] Songraphie - Horovod

Date: 2005-06-18
Style: idm



  1. Songraphie - Stative (2:03) [~2.49Mb]
  2. Songraphie - Celloindustrial (0:48) [~0.8Mb]
  3. Songraphie - Iklamet (1:26) [~1.44Mb]
  4. Songraphie - Idustit (2:38) [~2.45Mb]
  5. Songraphie - Supzagottala (5:25) [~5.40Mb]
  6. Songraphie - Pianosto (2:33) [~2.57Mb]
  7. Songraphie - Lyseum (1:41) [~1.54Mb]
  8. Songraphie - Pianoerap (3:40) [~3.68Mb]
  9. Songraphie - Vesna piano (1:53) [~1.97Mb]
  10. Songraphie - Horovod (2:34) [~2.71Mb]

Download full album in ZIP archive [~25.0Mb]

From the first sounds this release amazes with the many-sided nature and professionalism. First it surprises rustling psychedelic and cold IDM-sounding, then slowly passes to waves lyrically-warm, bearing positive and tenderness.

Extreme singularity of the given project allows to assume, that this music is written by an openheartedly person with kind intentions, because only such people can create so fascinating-ambiguous fair sound.


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