[OTR105] Vimanika - Abyss Fractal

Date: 2016-04-16
Style: post-rock, ambient, electronic

Abyss Fractal


  1. Vimanika - Prelude (02:41) [~06.62 ћб]
  2. Vimanika - New Cycle (07:04) [~17.11 ћб]
  3. Vimanika - The Sea-Wolf (08:00) [~19.35 ћб]
  4. Vimanika - Weightlessness (07:04) [~17.11 ћб]
  5. Vimanika - Steps of Humanity (08:20) [~20.18 ћб]
  6. Vimanika - A Wedge of Electrical Birds (06:51) [~16.62 ћб]
  7. Vimanika - Lullaby of the trees (07:03) [~17.07 ћб]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~92.33 Mb]


Fractal - a mathematical set is self-similar, as each event in a certain period of time, has an infinite number of versions. This story goes on and Vimanika project in the "Abyss Fractal".

The album is a rather colorful mixture of glitch electronics and lungs, penetrating guitar tunes, air textures, soft keyboards and sometimes ambient sounds. This interweaving of musical techniques rozhdaЄt most amazing images leads to philosophical thought and go straight into the abyss. In the abyss of fractals.


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