[OTR003] ColdCAt - Nord Splin (promo)

Date: 2004-12-20
Style: ambient

Nord Splin (promo)


  1. ColdCAt - Far Far Away (Instrumental) (4:17) [~7.85Mb]
  2. ColdCAt - Gutherzige Blowjob (04:23) [~8.04Mb]
  3. ColdCAt - Clear Hypocrisy In The Blue Time After End Of Smile's Year (04:11) [~7.68Mb]
  4. ColdCAt - Far Far Away (Voice Version) (04:17) [~7.85Mb]
  5. ColdCAt - J Morrison Live 2496 (03:58) [~7.28Mb]

Download full album in ZIP archive [~37.7Mb]

Precise beat, architectural structure and winter sounding - the basic characteristics of the submitted album.

Somewhere far far away lives a person who knows nothing about the world . He is confused and uncertainly looks back on sides, constantly asking "Where are all people?"

The growing pressure of music, its frankness and attempt to get in the world of robots and machines strikingly distinguish it from other releases of our project. We are glad to give you creativity of this person, because it is really unique.


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