[OTR005] Koan - Talking Stones

Date: 2005-04-12
Style: etnic lounge

Talking Stones


  1. Koan - Kolibri (2:33) [~3.70Mb]
  2. Koan - Underwater Moonlight (07:56) [~11.1Mb]
  3. Koan - Back to the Silent Lagoon (07:55) [~10.9Mb]
  4. Koan - Hotei (06:00) [~8.27b]
  5. Koan - Ambrosia (10:08) [~14.1Mb]
  6. Koan - Immortal Dwarf Spirits (12:04) [~16.6Mb]
  7. Koan - Flight on an AirSnake (10:01) [~14.1Mb]
  8. Koan - Green Crane (07:22) [~10.2Mb]
  9. Koan - Lonely Wolf (08:26) [~11.7Mb]
  10. Koan - Lights of Arctica (Metanoya reprise) (07:45) [~11.0Mb]

Download full album in ZIP archive [~102Mb]

Koan - Talking Stones (otium net-label, 2005) cd-review
once upon a time in galaxy far far away... when the trees were big and trance music in our country only was trying to find its way to hearts of thousands and thousands amateurs which it has nowaday... there were two compilations from horns & hoofs entertaiment: v.a. - eleventure (2002) and v.a. - the dissidents (2003). on both of them there were a project named Vacuum Stalkers. it consists of two guys - daniel roeth and vladimir sedov. besides "vacuum stalking" they are both formers of the project koan and the disc of this project is reviewing now. It will be useful to know that v.a. - the dissidents also contain track of this project - Koan - warm evening in munich (roeth's 89th silicon dream mix). In my eyes one of the best tracks on the whole compilation (it was chill-out track).

[lyrics #1]
koan in zen is the task that teacher give to his disciple in the learning process. it helps him to reach new level of recognizing zen. usually it is such a puzzle which cannot be solved. it is nonsense at a glance. the idea about this test is to find right answer which can be find only in enlightment cause the puzzle itself closely connected with enlightment position of a person. usual example of koan: when two hands strike each other there is a sound. what sound can produce one hand clapping?

[lyrics #2]
i would like to define the style of koan's new release as chill-out but there is another name for it at the web-site of otium. there is more particular for this style - etnic lounge. all the music is full of asian influences but also it has pretty nice syntetic sounds and combination is rather interesting and fresh.


here we have sorta intro - short track kolibri is easy introduce us to the music that we will expirience from the whole disc. from a morning fog of tropics somewhere on Sumathra or somthing coming the voice of muezzin rounded with birds voices

underwater moonlight
from this (with a help of oriental flute and string fingering) we are taken to another environment - water. fxs and crisp beatline made me imagine sandy estuary at the border of sea and tropical forest. from time to time there is a surf sound that bring ocean's echoes...

back to the silent lagoon
it continues with water-theme... Amazing flute and synthetic sounds. The same forest but filled with colours of the sunny day.

29 Sep 2005, 17:08, by Unspeakable


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