[OTR041] Kofe - Waterhall in Sand Cave EP

Date: 2007-12-06
Style: ambient, electronica

Waterhall in Sand Cave EP


  1. Kofe - Waterhall In Sand Cave (07:36) [~10.96 Mb]
  2. Kofe - End Of Ages (04:51) [~7.00 Mb]
  3. Kofe - Ridin' On The Rainbow (05:20) [~7.68 Mb]
  4. Kofe - Keep Out Pop (05:03) [~7.29 Mb]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~32.64 Mb]

This release is including the best tracks of two years of work in electronica ambient style.

The sound is a soft improvisation of light rhythms and shading sharp form background by waterfall in sand cave.

I hope listeners will draw away from pressure of ubiquity and put themselves in the middle of the waterhall surrounded by incessant fresh streams.


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