Members: Ilya Bocharov & Paul Bocharov

Location: Istra, Russia

Style: idm, experimental electronics, electroacoustics, minimalism, phonography, sound art, unmusic

Equipment and programm: pc, maxmsp, pd, fl, sound forge, beyerdynamic dt440, audigy2

Musical preference: Intelligent & interesting music

Side projects: avec.berre: Ilya Bocharov kyamic: Paul Bocharov

Idee fixe: Live set в Greenland


The duo from Moscow, formed by Ilya and Paul Bocharov, skilled and talented producers, has created something different from everything they ever pubblished for Otium, their former label.

These «toys» are the result of a very particoular mix between lot of different styles and influences; clicks & cuts, hard beat, idmish melodies, broken-tek, ambient pads, 8bit synths, glitchy rhythm and much more.
During these nine tracks the word «eclectic» is explained very well.

Little jewels perfectly assembled that will remain imprinted in your memory; «The Cinnamon doll» with a contagious melody and bouncing rythms, «Tin Tell-tale On A Wooden Gee-Gee» with clicks & cuts bumped by 4/4 deep kicks, «The Clumsy Elephant» with its slow growing up of crunchy beats and soft pads, «My Baby Mouse In Space Flight» uptempo broken beat under a symphony of acid synths, «A Little Battle Of Bear Cubs» brings you into a darker mood, the 8bit Dino’s saga and the ironic end of «Saucers Race» and «The Author Wants To Sing Too» will make you feel the joyful atmoshpere that flutters all over.

Ilya and Paul are the puppeteers of this wonderful toys theatre made of glitchs, heavy compressed beats, low frequencies, and an incredible quantity of talent.
Take them seriously.


OTR001OTR001 La Bien
idm, downtempo
OTR009OTR009 Horovod
OTR015OTR015 Melt Numb EP

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